October 2015

I have taken over as Commander of our Post effective October 20, 2015 when Maria stepped down due to Military commitments. I will continue to lead our Post as Maria has. There is a lot going on and we really need some assistance from the membership. There are only 5 out of 776 members that are keeping us going. This is a poor showing for us. We have had to cancel our Veterans Day Dinner this year because we had no one that was able to help. I am seeing us wither into nothingness. I would like to see more participation from the membership instead of  joining simply to be able to say “I belong to the VFW”. If you can assist in any way  please do so that we can continue our great work.

Patrick Kelly Post Commander

February 2015

Its the beginning of a new year and there is a lot of planning going on we sure could your input for activities and events for us to do.

We will soon be starting a remodel of our basement in order to rent it out more. It looks like our C.B. unit will be able to assist us with this task.

Thank You for all you have done.