October 2015

I have taken over as Commander of our Post effective October 20, 2015 when Maria stepped down due to Military commitments. I will continue to lead our Post as Maria has. There is a lot going on and we really need some assistance from the membership. There are only 5 out of 776 members that are keeping us going. This is a poor showing for us. We have had to cancel our Veterans Day Dinner this year because we had no one that was able to help. I am seeing us wither into nothingness. I would like to see more participation from the membership instead of  joining simply to be able to say “I belong to the VFW”. If you can assist in any way  please do so that we can continue our great work.

Patrick Kelly Post Commander

February 2015

Its the beginning of a new year and there is a lot of planning going on we sure could your input for activities and events for us to do.

We will soon be starting a remodel of our basement in order to rent it out more. It looks like our C.B. unit will be able to assist us with this task.

Thank You for all you have done.



Welcome to the Post

February, 2016

December, 2015

Brian Brumbaugh

Richard Janusch

Jason Rodgers

Ted Wiederholt

November, 2015

David Powell

Shawn Swartout

October, 2015

Elizabeth Carr

John Smith

Lloyd Taylor

Doug Thorn

September, 2015

Noah Belhumeur

Peter Hallgrimson

Frank Stickles

Andrew Sunagel

Bradley Tannehill

July, 2015

Jose Basistc

Anthony Graham

Edmond Sharp

Tom Walsh

 June, 2015

Adam Hale  U.S. Army  Iraq & Afghanistan

Carl Kelly  U.S. Navy  Korea & Vietnam

Rodger Finch

Henry Taimanglo  U.S. Navy  GWOT/Expeditionary

Isaiah Rice  U.S. Navy  Navy Expeditionary

David Tapia  U.S. Army  Afghanistan

Keith Goodall  U.S. Navy  Desert Shield

Mike Chism  U.S. Army  Korea

Chris Caturegli  U.S. Navy  Desert Shield

Patrick Durham  U.S. Navy  Vietnam

Stephen Lewandwsky  U.S. Air Force  Desert Shield

May, 2015

Bill Stienbaugh  U.S. Air Force  Korea

Franklin Smith  U.S. Army  Iraq

April, 2015

Russell Fleming

March, 2015

Rolland Thomas U.S. Navy  Iraq

February, 2015

Rolland Thomas    U.S. Navy    Iraq   New

Brian Brumbaugh  U.S. Navy    Expeditionary Operations  Transfer

January, 2015

Richard Harrison, U.S. Army, Vietnam, New

Robert Staley, U.S. Navy, Vietnam, New

Glen Peterson, U.S. Army, Korea, New

Kevin Day, U.S. Navy, Vietnam, Transfer

David Ollis

December, 2014

Earl Beech, U.S. Army, Korea

Gregory Martin, U.S. Marines, Vietnam

November, 2014

Brian Wiegent

Justin Shinn

October, 2014

Lee Walter, U.S. Army. Korea

Timothy Lloyd, U.S. Army, Iraq

Patrick Kelly, U.S. Navy, GWOT

Darrin Lowe

September, 2014

Robert Blacker, U.S. Army, Korea

John Hovedesven

Peter Michaud

Harold Nesbitt

Joe Oslood

August, 2014

John Carter

Gary Larsen

Gary Larson

July, 2014

Gilbert Valdez

Paul Laprad

Remembering our departed Comrades

          Name                             Date Reported

  1. Ralph Akin                       07/16/15
  2. Porter Wheeler                01/25/12
  3. George Donaldson          04/16/12
  4. Ivar Bjorgen                     10/14/12
  5. Douglas Gordon               04/28/13
  6. Kenneth McCulloch          07/18/13
  7. James Caffrey                  08/18/13
  8. James Koehler                 10/27/13
  9. Leland Larson                  01/14/14
  10. Howard Mortvedt              03/20/14
  11. Orlando Acciai                  05/26/14
  12. Edward Adrian                  06/12/14
  13. James Prince                    08/08/14
  14. Charles Jones                   09/25/14
  15. Robert Mc Carthy              09/25/14
  16. Orville Fagerland              11/06/14
  17. Donald Fisher                   12/10/14
  18. Reginald Smith                 12/10/14
  19. Ray Harding                     12/14/14
  20. Orlo Ostergaad                 12/30/14
  21. Jack Fatland                     01/31/15
  22. Peter Newman                  02/24/15
  23. William L. Sager               03/01/15
  24. Arlie Pettet                        03/08/15
  25. Edgar Coleborn                03/16/15
  26. Robert Albro                     03/16/15
  27. Charles Sheldon               03/24/15
  28. A.M. Urdahl                      03/24/15
  29. Vernon Finch                    05/06/15
  30. Teddie Robinson              09/16/15
  31. George Rauch                  11/06/15
  32. Ken Gerry                         12/29/15